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Day 29: making habits our friends

The one habit I don't have is biting my nails.

So, Gail Vaz-Oxlade (my frugal guru) just posted yesterday about how you have to making things habit, and also how hard it is to break habits (you can read her article here) and that got me thinking. Well, she talks about how you have to making saving money a habit, but it got me thinking about how much of my spending is just habit and not necessary.

I mean, I totally agree with her. When I was doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I completely created in myself a habit of writing 1000 words everyday for a single month. And when I skipped a day, I felt weird and out-of-sorts, and was happy to get back on track.

28 days can make a habit, or, DEFEAT THE ZOMBIES
There's also this website (I forget the name of it) where you sign up with what you want your habit to be, and you get daily emails where they say "Did you remember to do that thing today?" and you have to check in to make sure you do it. I signed up awhile back but totally forgot to do the habit, and wound up putting their reminder emails in my spam folder because they got so annoying after awhile.

All of this to say: I have some shopping habits, and that's part of what I need to break down.

Habit 1: buying something at the drugstore while I am waiting for the bus to go home from work.

Habit 2: buying a hot drink on my lunch break from work, because I like to go outside and walk around and that's a nice reward for going out walking in the cold.

Oh, makeup. This is from MAC's upcoming Wonder Woman collection. WONDER WOMAN MAKEUP!!
I am slowly breaking down habit 1, with my rules where I can't buy anything I already own (goodbye, eyeshadow and shampoo purchases!), and now that I can't buy chocolate bars (goodbye, delicious treats) there is very little there for my anymore. So I mostly just wander the aisles, looking at what they have and mentally adding things to my grocery store list for another day.

Habit 2 is harder because I don't like just sitting in the staff room for the whole lunch hour. It's good to go outside, and rather than wandering aimlessly, I like to have a goal and an aim. So I could just walk to the Starbucks, not buy anything, and walk back, but that seems pointless and I might as well just be sitting in the staff room. I have things to do in there - reading a book, knitting my sweater, talking to coworkers. But I like to have a reason to go outside. So I need to find something free that works as a going-outside goal, to break this habit. Maybe I can start smoking? KIDDING.

Yes, this is Paris Hilton. Yes, I have posted this picture before. And I will continue to post it, until I have set up a permanent association in my brain that equates Starbucks with Paris Hilton and that day, I will stop buying chai lattes.
Anyway, I need to cut down on making purchases out of boredom. Which means I need to keep myself busy. Which is why, yes friends, I bought a one-month gym membership. So we'll see how that goes.


fickle as the breeze said...

Wonder Woman makeup! Really?! I soooo want some, just for the packaging, but also for the makeup!

Foster said...

Some of it is mega-sized, to reflect her super strength. I mean, how can I possibly resist?

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