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Day 28: budgeting is extremely boring

...or is it?

My frugal godmother with the funny last name, Gail Vaz-Oxlade

OK, yes, budgeting is boring. But my new life mentor, Gail Vaz-Oxlade (and thanks for telling me about her, KP!), says that you must must MUST do a budget. She has a fun online thing you can fill in for yourself, but I skipped so many of the categories that I can easily list my expenses as follows:

Debt repayment
"Personal" (including going to a movie, paying for prescription, haircut, gym membership)

Her spreadsheet is all like "car insurance," "mortgage," "dental plan for your children," etc. etc.

I prefer chicken pot pie to financial pie, but if Gail says it's important, I guess I will listen to her.

So my budget is really quite straightforward. And, according to her Financial Pie, you are supposed to spend about 35% of your monthly income on rent. And I am spending slightly more than that, but I think that's OK as I don't have car payments, insurance, or any dependents so it balances out.

Blah blah. So, yes, budgeting is boring. But I will start doing it starting RIGHT AWAY! Groceries budget = $100 per week! Debt repayment = confidential amount! Rent/bills = whatever they cost! Starbucks = try and cut down on this! "Personal" = $100 per month!

This should still leave me able to put $100/month into an emergency savings fund, which my BFF Gail also says you should do, EVEN IF you are also paying down debt.

In other news, I think I have seen her show "Til debt do us part," but I am confusing it with that other show, where the woman yells at fat people to stop eating crap and does stuff like say, "When you eat a cheeseburger everyday for lunch, it's like eating a WAGON FULL OF LARD!" and then she wheels out a wagon full of lard. Note to diet show makers: a wagon full of lard is much grosser than just saying "this many Oreo sandwiches!" because showing anybody a pile of Oreo sandwiches makes them want to eat that.

Historic  moment in television: when Skinny Oprah brought out the wagon of lard, showing how much weight she lost. I think she looks better now, than she did all skinny like this.

Anyway, I believe on Gail's show she yells at people in debt, saying things like, "If you stopped paying for 1000 cable channels you could send your children to university TOMORROW!" which, again, would not persuade me to change my ways, but is effective for the people on the show.

She has a website, obviously, at And I have added her book "Debt free forever!" to my frugal reading list (you can find my frugal reading list over to the right, where it says Goodreads --->.

I also found a book at work today called "Hot (broke) messes," which is about women in their 20s who are horrible with money. It promises to show me how to be frugal without giving up my beloved Chai lattes.

I'm sorry Gail, but I think I might read this one before your book. Look at the cute cover!


haitch pee said...

I have seen almost every till debt do us part episode (maybe i need a year of tv detox?). She now has a new show called Princess. You should watch it. It will make you feel very good about yourself! What else is reality tv for?

Kate said...

Princess is intense and will definitely contribute to feelings of superiority. :) Unlike Teen Mom, which just leads to feelings of sad.

Glad you like GVZ. She's so great.

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