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Day 27: Frugal trip planning

Righty-o. I am making plans for Trip #1, which is next week, and which takes me into the ultimate land of temptation: downtown Toronto. Oh, I have had such fun times in downtown Toronto. Do you know what they have there?

- Sephora
- H&M
- Lululemon
- Urban Outfitters
- Williams-Sonoma

This is like Mecca for me. Overpriced hipster faux-vintage <<drool.....>>

The first time I walked into Urban Outfitters, I quite literally thought, "This is where I belong."It is like, for me, visiting the Eiffel Tower or some sort of historical landmark that other people may feel reverent about. And why? Why is this?

Partially, because when I was growing up, I read in magazines about the fabulous things you could find at stores that they didn't have in Halifax. Anytime they featured a garment that existed in a store that Halifax actually had - whether it was something I liked or not - I generally went out in search of it. "I need this red fluffy top because it was in In Style and it's from Gap and I can go to Gap!"

Wait, maybe Sephora is my Mecca. It's so pristine and neatly organized and sells everything I love so much...
I also spent much of my formative teen years on the text-based newsgroup, where fashionistas from around the world would log on everyday to share what makeup they wore that day, what outfit they wore, where they got stuff, review makeup, etc.   And so I heard about these mythical makeup brands -- MAC, Stila, Urban Decay, Lorac -- makeup brands that existed somewhere in some other more exotic world that was not Halifax. Whenever somebody said that a certain Revlon lip pencil was as good as MAC Spice (the best lip pencil ever), I would run out and get the Revlon one.

So, you can imagine what happened when online shopping was invented. Suddenly, I could go to or and buy ANYTHING I WANTED.

But nothing beats going to the store.

Usually on trips, I have no budget because spending money on holiday doesn't count because it's not real money. So, this will be my first Frugal Trip. And as such, I have decided that I am allowed to make TWO SPECIFIC PURCHASES. So, here is my shopping list for Toronto:

Bare Escentials Luminous Body Shimmer: it's in a GORGEOUS package, it is pure pigmented shimmer with a hint of vanilla scent, it is not sticky or gooey, the reviews are fastastic, it costs $22 and THEY SELL IT AT SEPHORA AND IT WILL BE MINE, OH YES, IT WILL BE MINE.

The second item on my list is not so specific, which means I get to look at a variety of stores to find where they sell what I want. What I want is a black shift minidress that can be worn as a jumper (with a shirt inside) or as a LBD (on its own) and which FITS ME and which is cute and a-line and 60s inspired. This is the inspiration:

And I am confident I will find something like this at H&M (cheaper!) or at Urban Outfitters (luxuriouser!), so.

This is my Toronto shopping list. My budget for both items shall be $100. Let the games begin!


minako said...

Do you know about It's an online money-tracker/planner dealie and it's free to use. Plus, it e-mails reminders and warnings.

Good luck in Toronto!

Foster said...

Hmm, I have read about Mint. The pros seem really great, but I feel weird letting a third-party website have access to my bank account number. But it does seem like a good idea, doing the budgeting for me so I don't have to think about doing it... so, hmm...

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