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Day 25: Thrifty thoughts

First, I have to bring this to your attenion. In case you didn't know, these exist:

Grapples: apples that taste like grapes. I saw them in the grocery store yesterday! They cost $5.99 for a package of four! They are meant to encourage children to eat more fruit! I did not buy them, although my curiosity is piqued. And I am kind of horrified, mainly at the price. Like, when did it become more appealing to eat a grape-flavoured apple than just... grapes?

In other news, I've been reading through this book (which I acquired in the most frugal manner possible -- a gift from a friend who had finished with it!) and, while a full review will come when I finish, I will share some choice tidbits with you. I also want to point out that there are numerous helpful tips in here (including frugal ways to clean your house with just vinegar and baking soda) but also it's fun because the author is so COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM ME.

I first realized she and I were not at all on the same wavelength when I stumbled across this, on page 5, when she is discussing wants vs. needs (the cornerstone of a thrifty lifestyle):

"When push comes to shove, my needs are as follows: delicious organic food, decent wine and candles, and my beloved to talk to."

... Really? Because when push comes to shove, my needs are as follows: toilet paper, running water, and my iPod. And I learned this the hard way, through several instances of me and my roommate forgetting to buy toilet paper and having to make do with napkins (NOT A GOOD SCENE); the times the water got shut off in my former house and I couldn't flush the toilet or shower; and the time I went for a holiday and I forgot my ipod before I left and I felt like I lost my LIFE.

Delicious organic food, candles, wine, and my beloved to talk to. Not quite enough for me.

Delicious organic food is nice, but I can happily do without wine or candles. "My beloved to talk to" is also nice, but ideally I'd have my beloved to talk to AND toilet paper AND running water AND my ipod.


Anonymous said...

Am new to your blog & browsing from the beginning. FYI, grapples are gross. They don't taste like grapes, they taste like grape koolaid or grape popsicles, only much stronger. In fact, if I buy regular apples that are in the bin next to grapples, they pick up the flavor too. Don't waste your $, even if you do put them on a list!

Foster said...

Ha, yeah, they seem kind of questionable and scary. And $5.99 for four? No thanks.

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