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Day 24: so... I went shopping today

But it's OK! I went shopping and it's OK! I had the following list of things to do:

- pick up the free shampoo & conditioner I got from recommending my salon to my friend
- talk to the phone people about why my bill is crazy, and switch to a slower/cheaper internet plan
- go to Michael's to pick up 2 picture frames and a knitting needle

So, on my way between the salon and the bus depot, I passed by a store that is going out of business and everything is 70% off. And they sell picture frames, so I went in. And I think it's OK to buy things at 70% off that you can TOTALLY USE, such as these things:

- magazine rack (for outside of bathroom)
- wicker basket to put my knitting in
- small picture frame

With the 70% going out of business discount, it all came to $48. And each individual item cost between $25 - $50. So I think I made out kind of awesomely.

And then at Michael's, I got my picture frames (cheapest ones I could find at the random sizes required) and my knitting needle, and then I remembered I need a tapestry needle, and then I noticed that they were selling SPARKLEY YARN which I can use for the hat I am going to knit next.

Yes, the yarn was Vanna's Glamour brand. Yes, Vanna White has a yarn company now. HOW COULD I REFUSE?

And THEN I remembered that there is a grocery store just next to Michael's, and that I need a few necessities. On the plus side, I only bought things from my list at the grocery store. Mostly. I only added 1 extra thing - crackers.

And during my wait time in line at the phone place, waiting for the bus, and on the bus, I read more of Thrifty: living the frugal life with style. It's interesting, for sure. I just finished the part about being frugal with your food, which I think will inspire my new rules for February (since it's nearly time to commit to another new rule!). So stay tuned for that insanity...

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