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Day 22: yes, it is possible to pay off your debt TOO MUCH

OK, so you may be wondering, how did I pay so much on my debt that I have run out of money? Here's how:

Bonnie & Clyde: frugal lifestyle on the run.

1) I used to spend a lot of money on things I could do without (i.e. buying lunch food, tutus, etc.) That left me very little to use to pay off my debt, and so the debt remained the same.

2) I have cut back on stuff now, so I am spending an equivalent amount now but not on things, I am putting it towards paying off the debt.

Either way you do it, whether the money is being spent on eyeliner or is being used to pay off debt, it leaves me with very little money right now for LIFE. Such that, I don't get paid for 8 days and I have $40.

Moral of the story? Cut back on things, focus on paying off the debt, but pay off the debt in SMALLER AMOUNTS AT A TIME.

But for the next 8 days, my plan is: take prescription receipts in to Blue Cross to get that money back (~$50ish), keep not spending any money... and transfer some money back out of the credit debt and into my bank account. And pay off LESS next month.

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