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Day 21: how many left to go, again? Wait, HOW MANY?

Hey guys.

Good news: I didn't buy anything today! And I think I might go to the gym, seeing as my free two week trial ends on Monday and I've gone... twice. So it remains to be seen if gym membership is a wise investment or not. Either way, it won't be an investment anytime in January (or probably February) due to financial constraints and the fact I'm going on two business-related holidays next week.

Business trips = business suits.
And in other news: So, it's not like I'm crazily wanting to buy stuff. I just want to get the whole debt paid off and move on with life, basically. This has gotten me into trouble before - the urge to just throw all of my money onto the debt,  which then leaves me with very little money in real life, so then I have to take the money back out of the credit cards and/or go into overdraft. Which, in turn, creates more debt.

It is a vicious cycle, that sets out with the best of intentions.

"Hello, bank teller! I am here to put myself further in debt by paying off too much of my bills!"

Which is why yesterday I thought I had lots of money, but it turns out I do not. This is for two reasons: first, because instead of buying clothes and makeup I put $500 on my credit card debt this month. Which leaves me with $500 less dollars. And second, because my phone/internet bill suddenly got more expensive, and they automatically take that money from my account each month.

See, I had forgotten that when I moved in, I got a promotional cheap, very fast internet thing. But that the very cheap price was only for three months which - hello! - it has been. So, I need to go see the phone people next week about switching to a cheaper plan.

The idea of no internet makes me cry tears into glasses! So many tears!
I toyed with the idea of cancelling my home internet connection but BAD IDEA. I mean, a) it's just January, I will be getting more frugal as the year progresses, and b) there are things I do at home which need internet connection (such as my guest blogs on So anyway, internet stays at home for the time being.

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