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Day 20: half-and-half

Supermarket Sweep! I would have been SO GOOD at this game show.

So, let's recap today with its frugal wins vs. frugal fails.

I packed lunch today, so didn't have to buy anything = Frugal win! (even if not-quite-cooked pea soup with potato chips isn't actually a lunch)

I wanted to go buy a hot drink, but it was -40 outside so I did not = Frugal win!

After work, I had to pick some stuff up at the drugstore, so I made a list in my head before heading out = Frugal win!

However, lists in your head don't work too well when you are tired and it is cold out and you are hungry. So I spent about $40 more than I had anticipated = frugal fail

HOWEVER, while I was shopping, I kept my eyes out for cheap prices, buying almost entirely store-brand things = Frugal quasi-win!

Even though I knew I was about to go home and make cookies and eat food, I still bought a bag of M&Ms = frugal fail

But they were buy one, get one free, so I got a free bag too! = Frugal win!

And my total savings for using my store card was $10.50 = Frugal win!/frugal fail. Because I would have saved even more money had I not bought half of what I brought home.

So, it all went ok. OK-ish. Half wins, half losses.f

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