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Day 2

Remember these barrettes? So cheap, so cute.

Today, I went by the little corner grocery store to pick up some things. And yes, I know it would be more frugal to go to a bigger more out of the way grocery store, and that will surely come, but at the moment I just needed some groceries, OK?

I made up a little shopping list before I went. I needed some things so I can pack lunches for work (frugal!) and I also wanted to practice shopping just from a list.

And honestly? It was kind of nice having these restrictions on what I bought. I went through the veggies section, thinking, "Yes, it would be nice to have some dill BUT THAT IS NOT ON THE LIST and so I will not buy dill."

Two things from the list were not in stock -- tofu, and my favourite garlic-alfredo pasta sauce. I thought, does this mean I should just not buy anything? Or does this mean I can buy two things not on the list? And I didn't really decide, but then I saw they were selling Goody hair barrettes in the shape of little bows, AND drastically reduced LED indoor Christmas lights (I have been planning to stock up on these in sales, because they will look cute in my apartment year-round).

This is not what I am going for with my indoor LED lights. Imagine their power bill!
What I am going for with the indoor fairy lights is more of like a Bridget Jones' apartment/Scarlett Johansson's apartment in "He's just not that into you" quirky, low-budget adorable apartment sort of look. And I can't find an image on the internet from either film, but trust me that they both include adorable use of Christmas lights as decor.

So anyway. I did quite well, I think, barrettes notwithstanding (the Xmas lights were $3, down from $12.99, so it's not like a crazy splurge).

And then tomorrow I will chop up my veggies and make a little meal to eat for lunches this week.


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