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Day 19: frugal wins x3

Frugal highlights of today:

1) I realized I didn't have anything handy to bring to work for a packed lunch just as I was about to go. But then I noticed I had pepperoni, tomato sauce, mozza cheese and English muffins and decided to bring along ingredients for English muffin pizzas. Success!

English muffin pizza FTW!

2) Did not have a clean, small container to bring a small amount of tomato sauce in. Used empty marshmallow fluff container (from when I bought the fluff for making fudge.)

3) At lunchtime, realized that the lid had come off of the tomato sauce/fluff container, and dribbled over the other things. So, I thought, "oh well, I will just go and buy a sandwich or something. I haven't actually made it a rule that I HAVE to pack lunch everyday."(Also: while you may think um, buy some more lunch containers, the frugal response is actually wash my dishes more frequently.)

4) I had left a bag of carrots and some hummus in the work fridge from the day before, and I munched on them while I thought about this. And like ten minutes later, I had eaten all of the carrots and realized that carrots and hummus is a lunch! So the frugal lunch was saved.

Note: my lunch included far more carrots than this. I am not frugally starving myself to death.

(not sure what I'll do about tomorrow though... I may be having soup and the butt ends of bread for lunch for the next few days)

Anyway, then I was visited while at work by my friend Crankygirl, who is also blogging now (about her garden). She is one of my Frugal Advisors (she suggested I make meal plans to save money) and today she was visiting to frugally give me a copy of a book she had read, about being frugal! Win/win!

I will do a book review of this sometime soon!

Anyway, the book is Thrifty: living the frugal life with style. It seems perfectly perfect for me, since the whole point of 2011 is to be frugal while not being a) smelly, b) gross-looking, c) unhappy, d) sad. But rather, I aim to be frugal and simultaneously a) cute, b) pleasant, c) cheery, d) fashionable, and e) fun.

The other frugal news from Crankygirl is that, because she went to the salon I recommended, the salon is going to give me FREE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER! If one thing is for sure, I will not run out of shampoo and conditioner this year (I have quite a bit stockpiled already.)

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