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Day 18: free lights? Yes, I think I will

So, this past week-and-a-bit has been a flurry of life-related activities including the BIRTH OF MY FIRST NEPHEW (name TBA) as well as the fulfilment of a lifedream to be the fashionable person in the newspaper who gets to talk about where they bought their clothes.

Oh, hey, I'm just totally stylish and in the newspaper. PS - frugal!
And then also, I have been accepted into the highly selective league of Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB), and it's official and stuff because as you can see, I have their official badge over to the right somewhere -->

And then also, I just received my AIRMILES GIFT CARDS!! What did I do first? Oh, just guess. Bonjour, Martha Wainwright's Edith Piaf album! So nice to meet you... FOR FREE. And then I am being frugal and not using up the rest of it until there is something else I want, because I am now down to 6 Air Miles, which gets you nothing whatsoever.

And then the other news is that today at work, a coworker was like, "Hey, I'm trying to get rid of some leftover Christmas lights, they are the LED kind, do you know anyone who would like them?" And I was like, "Um, yes ME PLEASE." So she got them on lunch break and now I have more lights to light up my little apartment (I put them up at Christmastime but it makes things look so pretty they will stay year-round, now).

And somewhere in the midst of all of this joy and frugality, I will mumble that I kind of perhaps a little bit bought a full-price Chai latte today. In my defence, it's like -35 today and the Chai latte is so warm with its hot milk and tea combination. Frugal fail.

But now I will distract you with a picture of me in my prom dress at the art thing, where I did not wear a tutu because I have not bought a tutu, because I am frugal now, y'all:


minako said...

I am totally distracted from the Chai Latte by the prom dress. Or more likely it is the awesome beard/mustache combo that is drawing my attention from your frugality slip. Either way, I seem distracted by your general awesomeness.

Foster said...

Thanks! I may have posted the beardy prom dress photo to partially distract from in inability to stay away from overpriced lattes...

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