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Day 16: what, this old frugal lifestyle?

You guys, I'm getting so used to this frugal thing now. I was walking home today and hungry but I was like, "No, I will not stop and buy a sandwich and a chocolate bar because I have sandwich ingredients and fudge at my house, tra la la la," and it wasn't that hard.

Being frugal is so awesome and fun! ... ooh I wonder where she got that cute polo shirt...

Coming up this week: meal planning! Well, I am going to make the plans and do the shopping for them later on, since I have enough food to eat already.

And blah blah blah, you all want to know what did I wear to the hipster art function? Did I cave in and buy the tutu?

Mais non! I shopped my closet, much like my blog role models, 365 Fashion Rehab did during their year of no shopping. I thought, what do I have that is outstanding and fantastic and begging to be worn?

And the answer crystallized almost immediately:

So much awesomer than the tutu! And BTW, the whole place was crawling with hipster indie girls transplanted directly from the American Apparel website, so it's just as well I wasn't just one of the crowd of leotard-wearing hipsters.

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