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Day 15: The Frugal Companion

So, here's the thing. Back when I was working out the guidelines for this project (which is still a work in progress, really) I figured that I should give myself one "cheat day" per month, because to go without buying anything fun for a year is not really what I'm trying to do here. That's like going on a diet of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne peppers for a month and then, when you go back to food, being like, "but why am I gaining weight again?"

What I mean to say is, I'm working toward developing a sustainable new financial lifestyle, not just going on a financial crash-diet for a year.

Remember the tutu from yesterday?

Just lying here in the grass, thinking about my tutu...
No, I did not buy it. Yes, I was tempted. Especially as I am attending a fancypants hipster art thing tonight and the tutu would be PERFECTPERFECT to wear to it. But, thinking about the tutu gives me s chance to explain how I tend to shop for clothes, which is: like I am a character on a TV show.

Outfit for a casual outing to the grocery store, perhaps?
You know how on, for instance, Gossip Girl, they have fabulous outfits to wear to all of the benefits/balls/masquerade parties they attend. And they also have fabulous outfits to wear to walk down the street, to go out for lunch, to mope around their loft apartments, etc. And they never wear anything twice.

So, I think the same way. I tend to think about my life as an episode of a TV show, and so when I think of something that would be perfect for an upcoming scene -- I will wear a tutu to the art hipster thing! -- I go out and buy that thing.

So, that's the psychology I am working on re-wiring.

Today, I did another successful grocery store trip (in the company of my boyfriend, who has been seconded to be my Frugal Companion -- you know how rehabbed stars hang out with Sober Companions to keep them on the straight-and-narrow? I like to have a Frugal Companion around sometimes too). Things I wanted to buy but did not buy:

Wanted to buy this game; was not on the list; Frugal Companion advised me to put this on my list for next time I am out

- tutu (obviously)
- bright yellow soap dispenser
- bright yellow towels (they have all of their spring stuff out now)
- this boardgame
- half-price chai latte (it was after 5pm, so this was moot anyway, since they're only 1/2 price 2-5pm)

When I was in the store, I remembered two things I needed to buy that weren't on the list (hummus, and barbecue sauce), which my Frugal Companion allowed me to purchase.

So, an OK day. I will have to just mine my wardrobe for an outfit to wear to the art thing. Maybe I can craft myself a tutu out of things I have lying about, such as scarves and dishtowels? Amy Sedaris would approve.

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