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Day 14: Payday under the new regime

So, today is my first payday since I entered Shopping Detox. Payday used to mean, "Hooray! Now I have money! Quick, spend it before it disappears!" because my money used to have this frustrating habit of disappearing long before the next payday.

But I am being responsible, here. Thus far, I have put some money into my two credit debts, paid my phone bill, and am going to go get a prescription refill. And the rest of the money will just STAY THERE.

See? Easy peasy.

In completely unrelated news, I have been thinking a lot for the last 13 days about how much I want this:

Tutu/petticoat from American Apparel! Only $75
I mean, who doesn't need a ballet pink tutu/petticoat? I don't have one! It is within the rules... right? And then I can also buy one of their plaid circle skirts, combine it with the petticoat, and achieve this look:

Petticoat + plaid skirt = AWESOME

But I know, I have to think about this long and hard. And also save money. But just so you don't think my brain has totally rewired itself, these skirts haunt my waking hours with their cuteness.


Head Tale said...

Have you come across Reddit's frugal community (

Lots of great tips and suggestions there.

Best of luck!


Foster said...

Thanks for the tip, Jason. I am always looking for new frugal tips!

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