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Day 13: keep your eye on the prize

So, here's the thing. I was stressing today about how I haven't been to the gym since Monday, and how it's so important to make going to the gym a regular part of your routine, and how even if you're tired and it's cold out, you should still go, and feeling guilty for squandering my two-week free trial membership...

Le stress! Zut alors! Whatever shall I do?
And then I was like, "Hold up! Since when was my 2011 resolution to go to the gym?" Um, it's not. Am I wasting money by not going during my trial membership? No, I am not. Going to the gym is meant as something to do to replace shopping, but that has not been so much of an issue so far. And if I go so rarely, then maybe I shouldn't buy a membership anytime soon anyway?


Stress no more! Jumping with a beach ball is fun!

Anyway, today I had a small bout of impulse purchasing. But, like this article says, if we treat paying off debt the same way as dieting, then we must be forgiving of occasional lapses. Just because I bought some stuff today does not negate the positive progress of the last 12 days, right?

I went to the store with the following (mental) list:

Barbecue sauce

And I left the store with:

Snapea crisps (these are so good, you guys, like chips but AMAZING)
Candied salmon (ready to eat!)
Glamour magazine (it's the man issue!)

(they did not have any barbecue sauce, TRAGEDY)

So, not so horrible in the grand scheme of things. But I do still, clearly, need to work on controlling impulse spending.

Oh, and PS, at the end of 2010 I subscribed to Cosmopolitan magazine, since I seem to wind up buying it every month anyway, and when you subscribe is $1 an issue rather than $5 an issue. BUT IT HAS NOT ARRIVED YET. It is in the store, and I did not buy it, but WHAT IS THE POINT OF SUBSCRIBING if I don't actually get the magazine? Hop to it, Hearst publications.


Olivia Corey said...

Props to your positive thinking/writing/outlook as opposed to falling into "all or nothing thinking", which would make success (and happiness, for that matter) near impossible. It's refreshing. Thank you.
Keep on truckin'.

Annabelle said...

Hi Olivia! Thanks for your comments. I think that staying positive is the only way to stay sane during this somewhat radical lifestyle makeover... it's too easy to think, "Oh, well, I overspent today, time to give up."

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