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Day 12: pats on the back

Glamorous airline travel fantasy. It's like this on West Jet, right?

So, firstly, the exciting news is that I just found out today that I am being sent by work to on a glamorous conference trip to TORONTO. Frugal and fun! (Frugal = work is paying for me to go)

This will be in a few weeks, and will possibly be my greatest challenge yet because past trips to Toronto have included:

- detailed maps of stores to go to
- obsessive searching the websites of those stores to determine which things I like best
- well-timed out shopping trips leaving me less than 45 minutes to get to the airport to catch my flight home

The thing is that there's lots of stores in Toronto which I LOVE and which are not elsewhere (H&M, Urban Outfitters, Sephora...) so I will have to avoid them all entirely. I will also have to abstain from buying those delicious sandwiches they sell in that one kiosk in the Toronto airport for like $12. So delicious! Anyway, more frugal trip-planning will come soon.

Somehow, I am always able to fit it all back into my suitcase for the return trip.

Anyway, because it's been 12 days I wanted to give myself some inspirational talking-to, based on this post from Frugal For Life. And yes, it's about how to set aside money for gift-giving, but it's also about being frugal, so let's see how many of these things I already do, shall we?

  • Cutting down on eating out
I'm doing this already! By buying groceries for meals, and packing lunches. I have, in fact, packed lunches for every work day thus far in 2011. This has also been nice because it's cold and snowy outside, and so I don't have to trek over to the mall to buy food. Win/win!

  • Reduce your TV service
Ha, I don't even have TV service! I have a TV, but I just use it to watch DVDs borrowed from the library. And I watch other shows online for free!

  • Limit the coffee/donut/sofa pop budget
OK, so this is a work-in-progress. But since this is an optimistic post, I will note that I have only bought hot drinks twice thus far (and one of them was 1/2 price). And I don't drink soda pop ever. And, while I never really eat donuts, I have also not bought any chocolate bars thus far.

So, the bottom line is that, things are going quite well thus far. I mean, yes, it would be nice to actually have enough money in the bank to actually book my tickets to Toronto, but I get paid on Friday so that will all be OK.


Crankygirl said...

They have all those stores at West Ed... :)

Foster said...

I'm certain they do. Which is why I am not going to go there until 2012

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