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Day 11: I don't have any money; there is food at home

Susan Boyle gives today TWO THUMBS UP!

Not lots to report today. I went to get my hair turned back into basically its normal colour (frugal!) which wound up costing quite a bit of money ( the name of frugality!).

And so, the hair appointment was first thing in the morning so I didn't eat anything beforehand and the whole process took like 2 hours. So by the time I was going home I was HUNGRY. But the mantra I kept repeating as I walked past Starbucks, the corner store, the fancy deli, the other coffeeshop, and all of the stores selling cute things, was, "I don't have any money; there is food at home."

"I don't have any money; there is food at home"
Both statements are true. I kept walking and thinking this and then got home... where there wasn't anything to eat right away, but I heated up some stuff and that is all good.

So, it was a good day (apart from the amount of money I spent on my hair, and how that put me into overdraft).

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Olivia Corey said...

I like your mantra. I believe I shall put it on a shirt or embroider it on my wallet or tattoo it on my arm or something. Because I, too, need to say this to myself, and often.
Congrats on the will power :-)

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