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Day 10: frugal hair

Today, I bought myself a hot caffeinated drink. But it was FRUGAL in the following manner:

- Chai tea lattes are half-price at Starbucks from 2-5pm for the next 6 days. Half-price! It was only $2 something, rather than $4 something. And it tasted sooo nice and hot and it was sooo cold out.

But something else is on my mind, namely, my hair appointment tomorrow. I dyed my hair for Halloween with wash-out temporary dye, which has never quite all washed out. So what I need to have done is, to have the colour stripped out so my hair is its own colour again.

I figure, the most frugal thing you can do to your hair (dye-wise) is to keep it its own colour. That way, all I need to pay for, hair-wise, during 2011 is just the occasional trim.

But the thing is... I really like its current, vibrant red colour. I kind of want to keep it.

My current hair colour (not natural)

And then I started thinking, what is the most frugal type of hair? I guess, like everything, the most frugal version would be to have HORRIBLE HAIR that I never wash (save money by not buying shampoo!) and never brush (save money by not buying a brush!) and never have trimmed (save money by letting it grow wild and free!). But while this would be frugal, it would also be nasty and gross.

Frugal hair. Not going to happen. No offence, Michelle Duggar.

So, the second most frugal thing is to have hair that you trim yourself at home. But is that frugal, really? Then all of the hairdressers would be out of work! And they have paid for years of training, which I can't duplicate myself, cutting my own hair. And how would I see the back?

The Flowbee home-haircutting torture device.
Is short hair more frugal than long hair? Short hair uses more shampoo = cheaper. But long hair needs less maintenance and haircutting appointments = cheaper.

I don't know. I will have to think some more. And I know that tomorrow, I have to have the lovely bright red taken out of my hair so that its natural strawberry blond colour can exist in frugal-dom. Such are the sacrifices I make for you, Year of Shopping Detox.

Hair colour I will have, after my appointment tomorrow.

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