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Prologue, part 1

Working out some of the basic guidelines. I know that I want to completely eliminate spending on clothing, makeup, and accessories - no exceptions. There are a few things I need to work out, however. I refuse to give up on mascara for a year, and for hygienic reasons, this needs to be replaced every 3 months. I also will need to buy shampoo as it runs out.

There shouldn't be too many exceptions, however. But here are some things I will allow myself to purchase:

Groceries (obviously)
Toiletries (toilet paper, tampons, soap, etc.)
Necessary household items (i.e. nails, tape, if some kitchen thing breaks I can replace it)
Shampoo/conditioner (as it runs out)
Skin cream (only if I run out of all possible options that I already own)
Craft supplies (i.e. yarn)

I also want to create a monthly budget, and be accountable to see how my spending matches up with what had been projected.

I also need to think about food-related items. If I forget to pack a lunch, I won't starve myself - I will buy a lunch. But within reason. And I should pack lunches and prepare meals ahead of time as much as possible.

So much to think about! But I have 21 days to solidify the guidelines.


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