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Detox countdown: 6 hours

So, remember how yesterday was my Last Day Of Shopping Ever? Well, it so happens that my workplace is across the street from a mall and that I didn't pack a lunch today so I was there over my lunch hour and...

1) 2 bras (one red, one zebra-print)
2) zebra-print "chemise" (i.e. shortie nightgown)
3) 5 underoos for $25

The thing is, I do need new underoos. If I am going to do a minimalist/frugal lifestyle thing for 12 months, the current slate will probably disintegrate by then. So, they were PRACTICAL things. And, I have a membership card at the store so actually, I got like $20 off just for being me.

Anyways, that is it, people. Now I am going to put on my sparkley doo-dads and head off to dance away 2010 and dance into 2011...

The Year of Shopping Detox.

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