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Detox countdown: 4 days to go!

I am quickly preparing for 2011: the year of being financially responsible, while still having fun. Today, because I can, I bought a dress for New Year's Eve:

This is basically what it looks like. The pattern on the front are a bunch of tiny little flower shapes with little tiny beading in them. It wasn't superexpensive - just like $90. And it's not so super-sparkley that I can't wear it anywhere else, ever. Actually, I bet I can wear it like a shirt with pants another time.

What's been great about my proto-frugal lifestyle recently too is that I've been given Christmas good leftovers! I had planned to go to the store and buy powdered gravy mix and instant stuffing, but my lovely friends have given me leftovers and so I am all set for yummy food for the next little while.

Here is a good article from the Globe and Mail about how to keep your resolutions:

7 Tips for keeping your New Year's resolutions

They even say to start a blog to keep up with your project! That's going to be important, so I feel like I'm accountable to someone and I can't just stop because I get tired of doing it.

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