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Detox countdown: 3 days to go...

OK, so here's the thing: there are several things I want to quickly purchase before I stop allowing myself to buy things.

They are:

1) cardigan sweater with bows on it:

2) a Schiaparelli-inspired bow-sweater with nautical stripes. I can't find its exact image anywhere, but here is something quasi-similar:

(obviously that is me posing in it)

And of course you know what I mean by Schiaparelli-inspired, right? Because didn't your boyfriend get you the book "The world's most influential fashion designers" for Christmas? Oh, just me, then?

3) MAC "In the faerie glen" lipstick from the Scottish punk collection. Note: I have wanted this for MONTHS NOW and have been on VERY GOOD BEHAVIOUR.

And while I am there, I might want to get the nailpolish in "Sly as a fox":

4) Wool to make a sweater (**note, I may attempt the frugal thing and just unravel an old sweater I knit awhile ago that fits funny, in order to cheaply make a new sweater). Also, circular needles to make the sweater. Oh, and here is the sweater pattern:

I have to act quickly. As of January 1, 2011, I am going to be responsible and not frivolous. I can't get all of these things... but maybe I can get some of these things...?

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