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Detox countdown: 2 days to go; what the what?

Seriously? 2 more days? Really?

I have tomorrow off work, and I am going to accomplish several things, mainly, buying lots of stuff while I am still allowed to.

In consultation with my Detox Advisor (i.e. my boyfriend) I decided that I am going to have one day per month where I am permitted to buy one item. This is like when my friend was on this diet where every week you get one cheat day, and she always had french toast that day. I am going to make the 16th of every month my Buy Something day. I won't have to buy something, but come on. Obviously I am going to buy something.

I have also done some quick mathematics, and without getting into boring money things, I have determined how much I need to put on my credit card debt per month, in order for it to be paid off in a certain amount of time. And I won't tell you the amount of debt or the amount of time, but I will tell you that it is a doable amount per month.

Furthermore, I have a plan to send an envelope of post-dated checks to my mother, to whom I owe money from university. This will also be a set amount each month and, by having the checks in her hand and my own chastened memory of the time I gave my parents a check and it bounced -- will ensure that I have that amount of money set aside every month for her to cash.

So, those are 2 new rules I guess:

1) Shopping for verboten items (i.e. non-essential, non-grocery items) will be limited to the 16th day of each month. This will help me plan out what to buy, and also curb the impulse spending, while making my life somewhat less miserable.

2) Pay off (at least) a set amount on credit card debt, as well as debt to my mother.

If anything is left, I would like to put some into savings, but as my Financial Advisor (my actual financial advisor, at the bank) said, I need to focus on paying down the debt before I start doing lots of savings.

But I will do some savings, because that is Extremely Important.

Anyway, what I am thinking of buying tomorrow on my Last Shopping Day Before Detox are:

1) yarn for the owl sweater pattern, needles for the owl sweater pattern
2) needles for this other hat I want to knit (I have yarn already I can use)

3) maybe the bow sweater and maybe the Schiarapelli sweater
4) maybe also this sweater-dress:

I have a budget for tomorrow, so I need to do some math now to figure out what I can get. But definitely yarn, needles and at least one sweater.

I can't believe it's going to start so soon! 2 days!!

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