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Detox countdown: 10 days to go

So, hi. I know that it's no excuse to buy random stuff just because I know in 10 days I can't... but it's a good excuse. Maybe.

OK, so I don't need an excuse. Here's what I picked up today, for another example of a typical shopping day, pre-detox:

Went shopping for: pink nailpolish
Left the store with: pink nailpolish, box of chocolate chip cookie dough CHOCOLATES, bag of mint M&Ms (note: I have never before seen chocolate chip cookie dough in CHOCOLATES FORMAT and so had to buy this, to see how they are) (not as good as I'd hoped)

Went shopping for: Christmas card
Left the store with: Christmas card, packet of bath salts, gum

I present this without comment. OK, some comments. I don't think any of this is so bad, actually. The nailpolish was like $5.99 (I did not succumb to the cuter names of the $10.99 nailpolish) and the chocolates were like $4.99 which is not bad. I'm not spending thousands of dollars on handbags, here.

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Olivia Corey said...

Hi there, just stumbled upon your blog today, so I'm reading from your earliest posts onwards to get acquainted.
After reading this post, esp. your last paragraph, I thought "But it all adds up" and that "$4.99 can get you a good amt. of stuff, and spending $4.99 multiple times, while disregarding each time, gets expensive real quick".
I'm sure you've already figured this stuff out--haven't gotten to the most recent posts. But just thought I'd share some initial reactions.
Much success to you in your endeavor. I like your style.

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