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Detox countdown: 1 day to go!

Because it's not 2011 yet and I am not obligated to tell you how much I spend and on what, I will just summarize today's Farewell To Shopping by letting you know that:

- I got a lot of knitting needles, and they cost more than I expected
- I also got yarn
- two sweaters, one of which was discussed in my previous post
- some other things

I will also let you know that I did not buy these shiny high-waisted shorty shorts:

... although I did try them on.

One more day!


Red said...

How long had you been thinking about your shopping detox before you put the plan in motion? I was lucky enough to decide to do mine on a whim, and so I didn't really have that moment of oh-my-god-I-can't-buy-anything-nice-two-days-from-now.

My main sacrifice was cutting out restaurants, so we went out to my favorite restaurant in a town AN HOUR AWAY (lol) the day before my challenge began. It was oh so delicious. :)

Foster said...

I decided a few weeks beforehand, so I had time to reflect and think about it (see: my frantic end-of-December shopping spree at American Apparel). I was in the mindset to start it in mid-December, but starting on January 1 seemed more official.

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